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An Ecotherapeutic Garden

What is EcoTherapy?

Do you garden when feeling anxious? Plan weekend hikes to relieve stress after a long week?

You’re not imagining that time in nature helps you feel better? Many people find that spending time outdoors improves low moods and promotes relaxation and calm. Ecotherapy is an approach that rests on the idea that people have a deep connection to their environment and to the earth itself. In this same line of thinking, failing to nurture this connection can take a toll on your well-being, particularly your mental health.

Though ecopsychology is an emerging field, the consensus among experts remains consistent: Spending time in nature can have a pretty positive impact on your mental health.

Ecotherapy can involve loosely structured activities, such as walking along the beach or going for a hike in a forested area. You can also choose to participate in more formal approaches, often with guidance from a therapist.

Why do we consider Oyun Botanical Gardens an Ecotherapuetic Garden:

  • Community gardening. Volunteering at a local garden can help you build meaningful relationships in your community and spend time working outdoors. At Oyun we accept volunteers and offer Gardening 101 classes throughout the year.
  • Horticultural Therapy, a formal practice that uses plants, horticultural activities, and the garden landscape to promote well-being for those engaging in the activities. At Oyun we offer a variety of horticulture therapy classes and events throughout the year.
  • Outdoor meditation and yoga. Yoga and meditation offer well-established benefits, but they might prove even more rewarding when done outside! At Oyun we offer yoga, meditation, and sound bath sessions throughout the year, and we love it when the weather permits us to do them outside!
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