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Our Founder & CEO

Yennenga Adanya “Queen Yenn”

 Yennenga Adanya, also known as Queen Yenn, founder of Oyun Ministries, is an entrepreneur, Master’s level educator, life transformation coach, minister, and certified meditation instructor. Since 2015, Yenn’s personal coaching practice and personal development classes have helped hundreds of individuals experience total life transformation. Her teachings are reinforced by personal accounts of healing and evolution attributed to the application of key foundational principles. Clients attest to her undeniable passion for spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being, and the power of her insightful and affirming teachings.

Queen Yenn is the founder and CEO of Oyun Botanical Gardens in East Point, GA. The garden provides eco-therapeutic experiences that support holistic well-being for children, adults, and seniors in East Point and neighboring communities. Along with ornamental plants, the garden also includes organic produce, herbs, and fruit trees.

Our Founder


Oyun Ministries is a personal growth and development ministry that provides classes, meditations, events, memberships, products, and services that help individuals to establish a lifestyle of total well-being addressing the mind, body, and spirit.

Learn how to take care of your mind and body, release toxic emotions, and finally figure out and live in your life’s purpose. You can join our global community virtually via our GroupMe chat room and/or our memberships, or enjoy our virtual and in-person one-on-one services. We welcome all who are looking for a breakthrough. Explore our site to learn more about how we can help you to find and sustain your total well-being.

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