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Our Team

Queen Yenn Founder

Yennenga Adanya, also known as Queen Yenn, founder of Oyun Ministries, is an entrepreneur, Master’s level educator, life transformation coach, minister, and certified meditation instructor. Since 2015, Yenn’s personal coaching practice and personal development classes have helped hundreds of individuals experience total life transformation. Her teachings are reinforced by personal accounts of healing and evolution attributed to the application of key foundational principles. Clients attest to her undeniable passion for spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being, and the power of her insightful and affirming teachings.

Queen Yenn is the founder and CEO of Oyun Botanical Gardens in East Point, GA. The garden provides eco-therapeutic experiences that support holistic well-being for children, adults, and seniors in East Point and neighboring communities. Along with ornamental plants, the garden also includes organic produce, herbs, and fruit trees.

Learn more about Queen Yenn and Oyun Ministries at

Carol Hunter Our Horticulture Therapy Specialist

Carol Hunter love for nature and plants spans her lifetime. Hunter, who is also a certified Master Gardener, is a graduate of the Horticultural Therapy Institute where she learned to develop and manager horticultural therapy programs.

Horticultural therapy is a therapeutic intervention using plants and gardening as the basis for improving mental and physical health. The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) says the value is that:

  • A relationship between people and plants improves quality of life.
  • Attraction to green plants and flowers is an inherently human one.
  • Work with plants promotes well-being on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Carol has introduced horticulture therapy to numerous schools, churches and corporate organizations as a way to support the total well-being of stakeholders. Hunter also serves as a professional consultant for nonprofit and for profit businesses and the Executive Director at Truly Living Well Center for Urban Agriculture.

Ras Kofi, On Da Farm LLC. Our Farming Partner & Head Farmer

Ras Kofi Kwayana (Ras Kofi Da Farmah) is an educator, veteran journalist and founder of OnDaFarm LLC. As a radio host and producer of 26 years, his life work is the re- introduction of the principles and practices of Agriculture into the mainstream pop culture. Raised in Guyana and schooled in the U.S, his experience in these societies has informed his perspective on the political, spiritual and physical implications of food justice, and the social landscape has inspired his approach to helping establish this human necessity.

As a farmer educator, since 2011, he has successfully trained hundreds of beginning gardeners in the fundamental principles of agriculture. His organization, OnDaFarm LLC, has continued to build on this record, putting more specialized emphasis on the development of deeper systems as well as the nurturing of sustained interest and understanding of agricultural ways. He loves to make seemingly abstract ideas very simple and palatable for everyday people.

As a man of faith, he finds joy in speaking, entertaining and in other ways communicating with global audiences, as a means of extending an invitation to fellowship with the Creator by observing and harmonizing with Its creation, known as “Mother Nature.” He currently resides in Atlanta, Ga with his family..

Our Events Partner Kamikazes Elite Event Club

Kamikazes Elite Event Club provides an exclusive entertainment experience for members to transcend from limited and conditioned mindsets in arts and entertainment related to the human mind, body, and spirit to a more divine and cosmic experience of artistic disciples through visuals, music, dance, spoken word, healing, food and libations, and cultural preservation.

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